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Wild at Heart Horse Rescue is a non-profit horse rescue and transition center located in Lancaster, CA and has been committed to serving the equine community since 2017. We are a rescue specializing in rehabilitating, re-training and rehoming owner surrendered horses and transitioning these horses through specialized care and training for a new job and a new home.

At Wild at Heart Horse Rescue, Inc., We understand that all it takes to help an at-risk horse is to be there to be there to catch them when they need you most. Provide them with all the support we can via feed, care and training and give them all the love in our hearts. And in the end, find their forever homes through our adoption process.

Our mission is, where possible, to rehabilitate, train and prepare our rescue horses to become the well-loved family members they are meant to be. If a horse can be saved and live without pain, we are willing to do what it takes to make that happen. We also have horses on site that are sanctuary horses and are permanent residents due to their special needs and the high maintenance that they require.

Wild at Heart Horse Rescue 6854 West Ave H Lancaster, CA 93536

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Talk about a hard, dedicated volunteer. Donna here, comes weekly and helps with cleaning stalls, grooming and walking horses to the turn out! She cleans a stall, grooms the horse and moves on to the next stall. She’s absolutely amazing and we cannot thank her enough for all her hard work!! ...

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❤️. Dottie is the perfect horse for your high energy teenager! She's low to the ground and fast on her feet. She'll be great for barrel racing/gymkhana. Dottie is a 8 yr old mustang mare standing at 14.0 H. She walk/trot/canters safely in the arena and has had several trips out on trail where she walks confidently. She is coming along beautifully and is ready for her new home. Contact us if you’d like to meet our Dottie! @therighthorse @isaiasocegueda For more info👇🏻


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Have you ever looked into your horse’s eyes and wonder what kind of history he/she has had? Where he/she was born? Where it originally came from? Has it been passed around? They say that a horse’s eye tells a story. If only we could understand the tale behind the story. Some horses have had an awful past yet, they still find room in their heart to forgive and trust again.

Show Max here has very soft gentle eyes. His history is a good one as he came from a good life. This gentle giant is a lover. He just wants to cuddle and sniff your hair 🥰 He deserves a human that will love him to pieces and hug and kiss him every single day. He’s our 14 yr old 15.2 H thoroughbred gelding. Aren’t his puppy eyes just beautiful? It melts our heart 😍 Contact Us if you’d like to meet this angel. for more info 👇🏻


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