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Wild at Heart Horse Rescue is a non-profit horse rescue and transition center located in Lancaster, CA and has been committed to serving the equine community since 2017. We are a rescue specializing in rehabilitating, re-training and rehoming owner surrendered horses and transitioning these horses through specialized care and training for a new job and a new home.

At Wild at Heart Horse Rescue, Inc., We understand that all it takes to help an at-risk horse is to be there to be there to catch them when they need you most. Provide them with all the support we can via feed, care and training and give them all the love in our hearts. And in the end, find their forever homes through our adoption process.

Our mission is, where possible, to rehabilitate, train and prepare our rescue horses to become the well-loved family members they are meant to be. If a horse can be saved and live without pain, we are willing to do what it takes to make that happen. We also have horses on site that are sanctuary horses and are permanent residents due to their special needs and the high maintenance that they require.

Wild at Heart Horse Rescue 6854 West Ave H Lancaster, CA 93536

(805) 795-0662





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😁 Feeling Fridaylicious 😁 #tag ...

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💚 Pickles 💚 is always glowing 🌟💫☀️ ...

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You just want to grab that nose and smooch it!!! #quill ...

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💫Saber💫 has been improving on his flat work. He's gotten Rid of most of his defense mechanisms in the arena. While he’s not perfect, he's definitely not dangerous anymore, which is a huge plus. Right now, we are working on details like softening with his arena work and he actually picks up both leads in the arena.

Now we are working on taking him out on Trail. He gets a little bit aggressive the further he goes out because he wants to go back to his herd. He will try all kinds of tricks to get the rider to take him back. He spins around, tries to run home So it's a work in progress As far as trail riding goes.

He’s a very sweet boy and is much less reserved. He loves his treats and gets along very well with the mares around him 🥴😆 Stay tuned for more updates on this handsome fella. 🤗 ASPCA Right Horse Isaias Ocegueda

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They don’t call him 🤩Broadway Joe🤩 for nothin’ ….. L👀K at him, he’s a SupeR StaR!!!

We received an update on this handsome boy who was adopted from us a few weeks ago. They said he has 3 Moms, 1 Dad 😁 He loves to go on trail, super friendly and a happy boy with lots of energy, and his bff’s name is Titan! We Love getting updates!!!

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