Standard site redesign without testing can reduce conversions by 20 to 40 percent. We at Softline Solutions know you can do better!

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What Is Design By Evolution?


The process of redesigning a website is often quick and “all at once.” This approach often does not involve considering which features on the old site are worth keeping, which new features perform the best, etc. Testing is subsequently necessary to get a clear idea of how the new site will help a business.

It is natural to desire a new look for your website, however we recommend making changes gradually and testing them for effectiveness. We call this “Design By Evolution.” Our team of experts will implement changes over time that improve site performance and provide your business with the results you want.

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Moorpark Recovery Service LLC

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You Can Trust Design By Evolution

profitable-websites-iconWhen executed correctly, site redesigns have the power to increase conversion rates. The trick is knowing whether the new site will actually work better than the old model. Rather than guessing when there is no need, take advantage of Design By Evolution. This method incorporates testing options that ensure peak site optimization and increase landing page conversion rates.

Responsive Design

responsive-websites-iconYou want users and web site visitors to be able to view, navigate, and easily convert on any digital platform you publish. And with so many users on smartphones and tablets, you’ll need a site that easily conforms to the medium each visitor uses. That’s why responsive design is so crucial. Without it, you’ll lose a significant portion of traffic. Because if a mobile user can’t easily navigate your web site on his device, he’s gone. At Softline Solutions, we make sure all our sites are responsive and easy-to-use no matter where a visitor comes from.

“Softline Solution really understood the marketing initiatives of our company and successfully developed a highly functional, great looking website that has turned into a profit center for us. Softline Solutions is a professional and extremely reliable web marketing and design firm. We are happy to have found them.”


Ross A.
Executive Director

Search Engine Optimized

A great looking site is of utmost importance. But if no one can find it on the web, what good does it do? That’s why all our sites are well optimized for search engine rankings.

Content Management Systems

Whether it’s WordPress, Drupal, Silverstripe, Magento, or others, we use the latest in content management platforms to build robust web sites for maximum usability and search results.

Ecommerce Websites

From Shopify to Magento, WooCommerce to Big Commerce, we employ the latest in eCommerce platforms and software to ensure maximum conversions, search results, and profitability for our eCommerce sites.

Responsive Design

Whether a web visitor views your site on a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device, we make sure to design fully functional, responsive web sites ready to engage users on all mediums.

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